Friday, September 28, 2007

Push Away From the Table - cont

I've been sharing a bit lately about fasting and resulting breakthrough when we deny ourselves and seek God's face. Again, this is taken from Christian Life Center 40 Days of Prayer & Fasting Devotional Guide.

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The final two areas of breakthrough noted in the CLC guide are as follows:

Breakthrough to Clear Insight for Decision Making

We get so caught up in the day to day rush of our lives that we often fail to hear from God. Stress acts like static in the receiver; clouding our ability to hear from God. While Saul was in route to Damascus, a bright light knocked him right off his "high horse" and spoke to him. He was humbled enough that he needed someone to lead him by the hand to a place alone. It was in that place, during a time of fasting and prayer that God was able to turn his life completely around from a persecutor of Christians to the greatest of all the apostles (Acts 9).

The thing we sometimes forget is that while Saul was putting Christians in bonds to be imprisoned and, in some cases, killed; he thought he was working for Christ. It is so easy for us to get it wrong. I'm not saying that we go out killing people in the name of G od, but it is easy to make the wrong choices all by ourselves. Periodically we need to push away from the table AND the stresses of life to listen to the voice of God. but subjecting our will to God's, He makes His will know to us!

Breakthrough to Physical Healing or Better Health
While we may hate to admit it, not everything we eat is healthy. Periodic times of fasting are actually healthy. According to scripture and medical science, it acts like a preventative and prescriptive medicine (Exodus 15:26). While for some people, those on medication and with blood sugar problems, it may be impossible to go completely without food and/or water for a period of time; it is not impossible to fast. Daniel 1:2-20; 10:2-3 describes a partial fast which only includes eating healthy foods. This type of fast is recommended when fasting for longer periods of time. To be completely honest, it was more difficult for me than going without food altogether. The bottom line is that fasting promotes health in all of us. God would not ask something of us that was not ultimately good for us.

Day Four - What a GREAT Dream Looks Like~

He said to them, "Listen to this dream I had." Genesis 37:6

In 1989, a movie called Field of Dreams was released. Kevin Costner played Ray Kincells, a 37 year-old man who had never done a crazy thing in his life until he heard a voice one day that said, "build it and he will come." You see, Ray had a stormy relationship with his dad. He rebeled against his dad, an baseball lover, by refusing even to play catch with him. His father died before he could make things right. When Ray plowed his cornfield over and made a baseball field, everyone said he was crazy for following his dream. Though the magic of the movie he could be reunited with his father as a young man. The theology is certainly not correct and the plot is nowhere near reality, but that is what makes the movies...well, the movies.

One thing is for certain, people will come to a place where their dreams can be fulfilled. God's field of dreams is not in Iowa., but rather in the hearts of His people. How do we know what a dream looks like? This list below give us a good description of what a God-given dream looks like:

A God-given dream will stir your passions
A God-given dream will be humanly impossible to accomplish
A God-given dream will make an impression on you for a lifetime
A God-given dream will cause you to have strong faith
The enemy of your soul will attack a God-given dream

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