Thursday, May 25, 2006

Grillin & Chillin

Hey these are my wonderful neighbors, soon to be known only as "Emily's mom & dad". We were wrapping up a yummy meal straight from the grill, enjoying the lovely river view from my deck. Oops - well, you can't exactly see the river in this shot, but it's right there. Gracie's demonstrating the proper way to eat a good piece of watermelon: feet up with hands & mouth fully engaged. Now if I could just get her to spit those seeds out just a bit farther...Oh, I live for summer & sunshine~ See ya & have a memorable Memorial Day weekend. Parades, tributes, food & fellowship are headed my way. Enjoy~

Because I want to...

Hey there- it's been a couple of weeks since I've said hi via Grace Full Days. They're no less full these days but with more sunlight & grilling out & fun stuff. Classes are over (Thank GOD) but due to start back this week. No rest, eh? I'm in the throes of planning the Swirly Twirly Birthday bash for the little sweetie who is convinced her birthday is "morrow". She knows she wants pink - pink birthday, pink presents...PINK. It'll be fun for sure & pink. Wish ya'll (that's MO code for everyone of YOU) could join us though miles separate us from celebrating with many. We know you'll sipping tea in your party dress along with us in spirit. :o)

So what's new? Hmmm...finished the quilt for baby Emily. Perhaps I can get my hands on it again to take a pic to share. There's just something about crafting a gift for someone special or not so special cause it's the giving that brings reward. Anyway, I was pleased & hope Em's mom & dad were pleased as well. Gracie sure would like to have it back if they're not. :o)

As I mentioned, classes begin this week. Articulation/Phonological Disorders & some kind of behavior managment class for special education which I took but was almost 20 years ago. 20 year ago...that sure sounds OLD! Oh, gosh - OLD! So, perhaps managing children has changed over the years & I'm getting up to speed at the rate of $430. Hmmmm..I better learn something for that price. On the bright side, no more classes with the Gestapo Professor - not another class with her - yippee skippee! I managed a B & A in my classes last semester, which was decent considering a large number of students either failed or dropped out of these REQUIRED classes. Feels good that I stuck it out. Cultivates character, right? Mmm, I'm feeling characterized. :o) Or maybe caricatured? :o) Hey, it's late & I'm writing, not because I'm procrastinating but because I want to.

Ok - so congrats to Taylor Hicks. He was my favorite since he 1st auditioned way back when. Plus, Gracie says his name sooo cute! We had pizza with the neighbors to watch the sometimes corny finale...ugh! We made it through Puck & Pickler - did anyone else think that was patronizing & pathetic?? Anyway - just past Prince, was the revelation that indeed Taylor was indeed America's favorite. I'm pleased, but can't wait to buy Elliot's 1st recorded musical work - what's it called? Not album, not record...CD? Is that correct? Regardless, you know what I mean.

Did I mention Gracie was big AI fan?? Of course, she had her own way to enjoy the show which typically included a twirly dress & hat. See pics above. Tonight, with my neighbors as witness, she actually asked for a microphone. She's destined to sing...perhaps not on American Idol but she'll "sang for Jesus". Too bad we left our fancy hat at Auntie Jeanette's today. All we had left was our knit winter cap. She dances just fine without the hat. :o) Funny, while the Brokenote Mountain piece was playing, she just happened to be riding her horse from the Uncle Bob collection. Not sure if you can make it out in the pics or not but perhaps my commentary brings some clarity.

AND before I leave the Grace-American Idol topic...We were going through the mail last week; I'm reading the important stuff in the front seat - not while we're driving but just at the mailbox idling...Gracie was perusing the latest Birthday Express catalog in search of PINK. All of sudden, she says "Amercan Idol" - just like that without the /i/ in American. I look back & sure enough, there's an entire partyware line of American Idol. Now most kids read the McDonald's symbol 1st, but Gracie's 1st was Amercan Idol. Destined to sing, I'm sure of it. Look what Carrie Underwood has done with "Jesus Take the Wheel". Right now I guess we'll keep belting "Deep & Wide" 20X a day & then take a break with "Old McDonald Had a Farm" before we do our daily rendition of "Hokey Pokey". We all know that's what it's alllllll about.

Ok, folks... that's it for tonight/today. Hugs & sunny smiles to ya'll! It's late & I'm going to bed because I want to. Night~

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Princess Business

Hi there - of course, you know the drill. I am officially procrastinating submitting an assignment here at 12:24 AM. However, these new photos of Grace taken/shared by one great UB, must be posted without delay. :o)
Not many comments, just enjoy these photos from our Easter celebration in Wisconsin with the Contino Lords & Ladies - talk about a party fit for THE King & His princess girls. AND there's the Gracie girl horsin' around down at Papa's house this past weekend. What I didn't capture, sad to say, were the two black colts bucking around the pasture - well, mud hole at present. Spring indeed has sprung SEVEN new babies thus far at Papa's place. Mom would be deeeeelighted! See ya'll~

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Every Blooming Thing~

So happy spring is finally here. The river view out my back window is growing crowded with buds & blossoms that make my heart sing. We play outside everyday; soaking up the sun.

Though classes are winding down, it's full throttle with projects & finals coming up next week. Grace & I are heading Missouri way on Friday for a funeral, unfortunately. Can't wait to get there but wishing to avoid the drive. Ugh! Thank God for nice play areas at the road side parks. Remember the days I used to catch a few winks there? Oh, how you chided me. Now it's all about chasing Grace. Chasing Grace...the reality is Grace pursues us; finding us in the most precarious situations. Aren't you glad He catches us?

More later~ Until then, take good care & take time to enjoy the tulips these days. They fade before you know it. Happy Spring~