Sunday, May 24, 2009 feeble attempt to become current

I'll be back someday...I mean, I'll find some words to go along with these pictures someday. Can't sleep. Will upload a few memories from Italy. More later...promise.

And while these load...Gracie is riding her bike now w/out training wheels. She's so proud. I'm so proud. I've got pics for that as well. Will post soon. Classes are back in full swing. Audiology - I've heard this guy is a nightmare with a deluge of information each class & harrowing exams. At least he's easy on the eyes and has a voice that will keep me awake in class, but put me to sleep as I learn my way into your ear/hearing orifice.

Uploading is taking forever...what else is new. Oh, I've got my teeny weeny garden planted. Oh, it was a mangled mess trying to get those baby tree roots out of that space. But it's all good now. Gracie was a delightful help in planning, planting & watering. We have tomatoes, red bell peppers, radishes, a bevy of flowers, herbs (it is grilling season, you know), lavender...I'm relaxing just thinking about that fragrance...what else, maybe that's it. I need to go back to sleep. Servants of Praise in the morning...rehearsal at 7:15 AM. I love to sing...I love to sing later in the day than 7:15. Ok....forever to upload.

What else...hmmm. I do have more pics from Germany, Plan See, Graduation...oh, right. Gracie graduated from preschool. Kindergarten is next up on the list. Pictures to follow, though not this morning. I'm revolting. Ok...they may be here. And - no.

K, let it be said that I've missed posting- just in case anyone has missed reading....oh, they are here. Night folks. I'll organize & caption later...I mean another day. Hugs~ Is feeble even spelled correctly? Night~