Sunday, October 10, 2010

Miss you like crazy

It's been five years...some days I wonder how the time has flown by; other days it just drags. There's rarely a day goes by that something doesn't remind me of you - some fragrance or a song. Perhaps it's the way Gracie claps her hands together all excited like you used to do or it's the smell of those nut goodies. Today it was peanut butter. Crazy. I'm glad to say that finally...finally the smiles out number the tears. When things were raw & the loss was fresh, I often worried because I could only see you in those last months - the very sick you. What frailty & brokenness. But now my vision has cleared & I see you in your smiles, thoughtful ways & tenderness. I miss you still, but I'm so glad that joy is more than the sorrow. Miss you like crazy, mom. Love you always & forever; to the moon & back again. We're throwing kisses to heaven!