Thursday, November 11, 2010

Harvest Happenings

My Gracie Pirate Girl
Busy, busy harvest season here round this Grace FULL household including, but not limited to, harvest parties at church & school. Yes - I AM the room parent! Yeah - it was great with lots of parent help besides me. That was NICE! They kids loved the games - pumpkin cakewalk, pumpkin relay & candy cone BINGO! The relay was HILARIOUS. Originally intended to sweep the pumpkins with brooms, the brooms were forgotten by busy parents other than me. So we improvised. The teams rolled the itty bitty pumpkins with their noses. I'm talking FUNNY! 

Spider bites for treats at the 1st grade Harvest Party. Brought to you by Shorty Cakes!
1st horse ride. Oh, he's smiling here, but let me tell you...
The Harvest festival at CLC was great. We took a little friend from school. Highlight of the day, "Is that horse really REAL?" This youngster had never seen a real horse or pony in the FLESH! I managed to get him on the horse with the help of the wonderful horse people, but little N was quite fearful the entire time. Kids should definitely experience real animals as often & early as possible. Gracie was, you know she was so "I got this." lol - almost indignant about her peer's inexperience with the animals. It's not funny. I'm sorry. The screeching in the petting zoo with the cows, bunnies, goats, llamas...NOT funny. Really. giggle giggle. After we managed to get the screeching boy OUTSIDE the fence, he thought he really might want to touch the pig. Uh-uh. I don't think so. Just look from here. =) Great time indeed!  Bouncy things, face painting, coloring contests (I don't really like those, but the kids do =/), decorating cupcakes, carnival games & oh, the CANDY! Lots of CANDY!
Gracie & friend chowing on cupcakes they decorated! AND the proceeds went to dig clean water wells in Peru. How GREAT is THAT? Fun for a good cause!
If you can imagine MORE fun than that...we dropped off little N & hit the trick or treat trail sponsored by the park district. Let me tell you, we have the BEST park district EVER! This was quite fun & in such a charming setting.

Halloween actually fell on Sunday, so we worshipped at CLC. Front line privilege PLUS a special speaker was on tap so we were there for a longggggggggggg time.   Let's see. Gracie was in the kids town/Sunday School thing for 5.5 hours. 5.5 hours of singing, dancing, worshiping, & learning about Jesus. FUN & exhaustion. Plus, there were treats for every service - treats X3. SUGAR!!! Actually, I don't know what they served but we could say she was more than jazzed for Trick or Treating with Uncle BOB! That was fun, but she pooped out early. Could be because my pirate princess RAN from house to house for about three blocks. Could be, huh?

We filled her princess Easter basket now Trick or Treat pail to the brim AND all pockets AND her pirate hat. That was a ton of candy! More than enough. PLENTY! Bring on the Kit Kat bars for mama! Oh, butter..right. =)

To wrap things up, we stopped by the Deer Creek Trunk or Treat extravaganza just to bounce in the JUMBO Jet & slide down that MOUNTAIN of a parrot. Hit a few trunks on the way to our car & then to the BIRTHDAY party of our little neighbor friend. Talk about wired for sound. They had a not-so-haunted house in their basement which was still fun after 3 times. They bobbed for apples & played all sorts of fun games with CANDY prizes. YEAH CANDY. Seriously. Pizza (finally - real food =) 

To be honest, it was a great weekend. I can't believe she made it into bed by 9:00 pm. I can't believe I survived. =)

Here are some photos from other Harvest Happenings this Fall. We've been busy, but I said that already. As much as I dread Fall (because of what burr cold comes afterward), some of our favorite activities are during this time of year. =)
Pumpkin patching with good friends!

Hayride fun!

County Line Orchard fun in the hay maze

Apple Orchard fun making & EATING s'mores by the campfire


60 sticks of butt-er