Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Country Girl City Talk

Last April Grace spent spring break with some friends who love like family. Auntie Val hosted the little miss so mom could concentrate on final exams and such. The absence of any postings from that time might indicate that I indeed was engrossed in study. Au contra ire~ But, it's over & done with, but here is an exchange with the Gracie girl worthy of a few giggles & grins.

Grace enjoyed fun filled days of horse riding, puppy loving, cake baking, tea party going, runway stomping, trampoline jumping, bubble blowing, running, swimming, park & Barbie play in the country. However, the nights brought sadness as mama's lullabies just weren't the same via T-Mobile. Taking the party on the road, the grand adventure took her from southeast Missouri to Kentucky for a Sweet 16 celebration like none other at Auntie Mel's house. Yes, more friends that love like family. I heart my college roommates.

After catching up with my friends & recovering from the sugar (SWEET 16, did I mention?), we were on our way back home & back to normalcy. Though ready to come back home, she was not ready to go back to school. Grace, then a kindergartner, had already begun with the "I don't wanna go to school" bit about an hour into the journey.

We took a potty break just before crossing the Kentucky/Indiana border. It was quite the quaint little town at a decent enough looking gas station. The attendant's accent was very thick, but then again it doesn't take much communication finesse to score the key when the girl is clearly doing the potty dance.

Once inside the tiny, yet clean, bathroom Grace indignantly said, "I can't wait to get out of this country & back to the city where people speak our own language."

And we went glee, glee, glee all the way home where we all speak "city".
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Sunday, February 06, 2011

TWO-gether is Better

What a lovely weekend after surviving the blizzard this week. We enjoyed a snowy play date with one of our BFF. Gracie was much for snow play until we got to Em's house. Indeed two are better than one! The girls didn't last long in the cold, but managed to pack in dozens of giggles while climbing, digging, sliding and sledding.

Discontent that school resumes tomorrow, Gracie complained of a "tummy ache" that may certainly keep her home. I confidently reassured her the tummy ache was likely due to the super bowl snacks and she WILL return to school to which she replied, "Well, at least then I might just need a wheelchair tomorrow." =)

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Blizzard 2011

We're all snowed in here in the southland. Folks are calling it Snowmageddon 2011 or the 2011 Blizzard.  It's pretty snowy out there with drifts quite high.  School is canceled the rest of the week. We are making the best of things by baking some of our favorites: chocolate chip cookies & brownies. I have ribs cooking in the oven now. They smell sooo good. Yum! We gathered some fresh snow for snow cream from a recipe I solicited from friends on Facebook.  Would love to have mom's old recipe. =) This tasted like snow cream I remember, but I might be willing to try another recipe. 
Snow up 1/2 up the back door

It's a snow day
Ready to make fresh snow cream

Mixing in the cream
Scooping up the snow cream