Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Scoop: Mother's Day Edition by Grace

Grace prepared a Mother's Day greeting for me in the form of a newspaper. Delightful, truthful, and informative; it's The Scoop:  Mother's Day Edition by Grace

My mom was voted #1 Mom because:  she loves me!! (double exclamation point!!)
I love my mom:  every time of the day and night
My mom and I like to: cook together and watch movies
3 Fun Facts About My Mom:
  1. She grew up on a farm
  2. She had a dog
  3. She has one brother and one sister
Happy Mother's Day
Out going
Reelly nice

All About My Mom
Name:  Carmen
Age:  Never you mind
Eye color:  Green
Hair color:  Blonde
Favorite Food:  Chocolate
Favorite TV Show:  Hitch
Favorite Thing to Do:  Snugll
My mom is the best at swimming, cooking, and loveing;  protecting, too.
My mom is the greatest because she cares about me and loves me, too.
I love my mom when: Always!!!!!!! and every where!!! 

Thank you, Grace, for this lotsa love  packed in this Mother's Day edition of The Scoop! I love you more!  

Thursday, May 10, 2012

 Lessons from Roses at In Dialogue:
Amelia Gambetti’s...voice still rings in my ear: “Details, details, details.” It is important to be aware of the choices that we make, from the most minor decisions to the most significant. Drawing the roses, there were two types of markers available, fine line and broad tip. We spent time talking about the differences in the lines, and I asked children to consider which marker they needed, instead of grabbing haphazardly. Attentive decision making, discerning, selecting, choosing, builds self-awareness and consciousness–the opposite of indifference.