Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Scoop: Mother's Day Edition by Grace

Grace prepared a Mother's Day greeting for me in the form of a newspaper. Delightful, truthful, and informative; it's The Scoop:  Mother's Day Edition by Grace

My mom was voted #1 Mom because:  she loves me!! (double exclamation point!!)
I love my mom:  every time of the day and night
My mom and I like to: cook together and watch movies
3 Fun Facts About My Mom:
  1. She grew up on a farm
  2. She had a dog
  3. She has one brother and one sister
Happy Mother's Day
Out going
Reelly nice

All About My Mom
Name:  Carmen
Age:  Never you mind
Eye color:  Green
Hair color:  Blonde
Favorite Food:  Chocolate
Favorite TV Show:  Hitch
Favorite Thing to Do:  Snugll
My mom is the best at swimming, cooking, and loveing;  protecting, too.
My mom is the greatest because she cares about me and loves me, too.
I love my mom when: Always!!!!!!! and every where!!! 

Thank you, Grace, for this lotsa love  packed in this Mother's Day edition of The Scoop! I love you more!  

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