Monday, January 12, 2009

More Christmas Presence

This to us from CP photographer, Jill Bonnema~ Personally, I love her work! This photo is so charming. Thanks, Jill!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Happy New Year & Snuggly Toes Tonight w/update

So, I'm a few days late in wishing God's very best for you & yours in 2009! We're off to a great start. Really. I turned in my application for graduation yesterday. Mind you, this is only a small "yeah" on the way to this 2nd masters degree, but a "yeah" nonetheless. I'm pleased. AND I was just granted permission to take 2 grad level courses in the speech path program. Thus, I am maxed out of classes I can take before getting into the grad program. Deadline for that application is March 15th, I believe. And while I'm believing....I believe in God's favor for entrance to that program. Would be delighted if you'd believe with me. :o)

This afternoon, we enjoyed a brief snowball fight & sledding with our warm weather neighbors. The kids had a blast! It's quite the winter wonderland here in Chicagoland, despite all the political hot air keeping us steamed in Illinois.

And speaking of Winter Wonderland, I've got picks to share from last weekends outing to Navy Pier. Oh what fun! Gracie is quite the ice skater...our would we call her an ice "dancer", Uncle Bob? Heartfelt thanks to UB for being a good sport & skating/dancing with the Gracie girl & keeping her on her feet - most of the time anyway. Pics to come~

Today's tender moment brought to you by way of toasty toes pjs. Grace received some wonderFULL gifts for Christmas this year....really, we were both blessed beyond measure by friends & family alike. The surprises just keep coming. One of my clients sent home a gift - 2 gifts for Gracie. A surprise lover like her mom, she tore into them in the car. Must admit I was curious what was inside the gorgeously wrapped presents. Ohhhhh & inside were the most cozy jammies...with feet even! Gracie was full of sweet things & we called my client up so the giver could get in on the delight! Typically, I'm a wash before we wear family...but Gracie insisted on wearing some of her new feety jammies. And INSTANTLY, there stood my little girl--like she's still little or something! I love it! Something about those toasty blanket pjs with feet that makes 'em look like she's still my baby. We are talking major snuggling already & it's not even bedtime yet!

Ok - my hot chocolate (xtra marshmellos, too) is cooling, so I better sign off of here. We've got bedtime stories to read, best & worst to share, as well as confessing our thankful, grateful hearts to each other & to our sweethearted God smiling up above.

Night night~

EDIT: Up at 2:35 AM, crying..."My toe hurts. There's this area in there that's squishing my toes. I'll never ever ever wear feety pajamas again, Mommy. Never EVER."

Well, so much for that~ Nice while it lasted. Think we might just cut off the feet part of the pajamas. Have a good one!