Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Princess Business

Hi there - of course, you know the drill. I am officially procrastinating submitting an assignment here at 12:24 AM. However, these new photos of Grace taken/shared by one great UB, must be posted without delay. :o)
Not many comments, just enjoy these photos from our Easter celebration in Wisconsin with the Contino Lords & Ladies - talk about a party fit for THE King & His princess girls. AND there's the Gracie girl horsin' around down at Papa's house this past weekend. What I didn't capture, sad to say, were the two black colts bucking around the pasture - well, mud hole at present. Spring indeed has sprung SEVEN new babies thus far at Papa's place. Mom would be deeeeelighted! See ya'll~


BlogContino said...

Love the "ooops, ya caught me" look on Grace's face in this pic. Of course, we both know that she rarely finds herself in that scenario.

Jennifer said...

How cute! I love the pics. Gabi says "thank you" for her b-day presents. It would be nice to see Gabi and Grace playing together. They would have a bunch of fun.

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful Palomino! It looks like your dad has some nice horses. Would love to see the pixs of the babies!!!
~~Cathy J