Thursday, May 04, 2006

Every Blooming Thing~

So happy spring is finally here. The river view out my back window is growing crowded with buds & blossoms that make my heart sing. We play outside everyday; soaking up the sun.

Though classes are winding down, it's full throttle with projects & finals coming up next week. Grace & I are heading Missouri way on Friday for a funeral, unfortunately. Can't wait to get there but wishing to avoid the drive. Ugh! Thank God for nice play areas at the road side parks. Remember the days I used to catch a few winks there? Oh, how you chided me. Now it's all about chasing Grace. Chasing Grace...the reality is Grace pursues us; finding us in the most precarious situations. Aren't you glad He catches us?

More later~ Until then, take good care & take time to enjoy the tulips these days. They fade before you know it. Happy Spring~

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