Friday, April 14, 2006

Amberg Germany photos ~ just glancing back

This is one of the gates into the city centre or Altstadt. It's like a storybook or fairytale.

A view of my garden & a bit of the Moat Walk around the wall of the city. As the name implies, the walkway is now where the moat encircled the village years ago. There are several small gardens, a park, & pond along the Moat Walk. Though not visible in this picture, just a bit to the left of my backyard is a goldfish pond. Water views in front & back!

This is the view of the Vils river from the front - about 1/2 block down from my house. I could see it clearly from the 2nd floor of my home. Lovely, eh? Quite the water view. The church tower is where the markplatz or village square sits. Check out this webcam of the markplatz:

Heinz & Lisa, my God-gift neighbors

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Jennifer said...

Hmmm... It is getting to be that beautiful time of year there...
I miss it...