Sunday, April 09, 2006

Easter bonnets, baskets, & bunnies

Springtime is here! In celebration, Grace & I went on an Easter egg hunt yesterday. Despite the cold, it was quite fun. The missy has got the gist of it now. "Run. Eggs. Hug bunny. Mine." That's how she recounts the story anyway. After a word from the Homewood-Flossmoor park people to share out of your abundance with any neighbor who has no eggs...we ran to fill our little Easter basket/purse. What a delight to see those rosy cheeked tots squat down to pick up colored eggs. While kids were content to check out thr 1st egg, moms & dads (me included) were cheering them on to gather more treasures.

The Easter bunny made an appearance after the race for eggs. Grace gave a friendly wave from afar, too shy to get close then insisted "Hug bunny, " as we walked away. She finally gathered her courage, offering the bunny one of her eggs. He took the egg & after a silent but thankful nod, he offered the egg to another kid. "Oooh," Gracie said "Mine." Ok, if you're not going to keep it, Mr. Bunny, give it back.:o) Too cute!

I'm thinking today about traditions - those treasured in past & new ones I'm making in my own family. I love Easter. I love dyeing eggs & making cutie little baskets with that annoying plastic grass. Some of my favorite memories were waking up on Easter morning to a lovely basket of goodies & hunting for eggs after Sunday school. Those eggs would play hide/seek a dozen times before we exhausted the egg-hider. It was delightful becoming the egg hider for my neices & nephew. My mom was thoughtful with the chocolate bunnies and the Easter cake with brightly colored coconut. Across the country or the ocean, mom made sure I had a little bit of home in a chocolate bunny & Hallmark sentiment. What a delight to find an Easter bag-FULL of goodies today from my favorite PC. Heartfelt thanks, Chris, for remembering me & Gracie this Easter - just like mom. We love you~

Now lest I offend the serious & righteous reader among us, I daily celebrate Christ's death & resurrection. This sacrifice securing my access to salvation & healing. We are alive in Christ to the extent we have taken up our Cross to follow Him. As we live a life of worship, His resurrection we celebrate every day.
Happy Easter to you & yours!

PS: Milestones this week~
  • Discovered her shadow - cool for a bit then "Stop it, girl"
  • Singing phrases to songs: Hokey Pokey (Shake it 'bout), Happy Birthday (Bir'day to you) & Wheels On The Bus (Round 'n Round)
  • Expanding social circle - going to familiar folks w/or w/out fruit snacks - thanks Holly
  • Says "No Way!" - thanks so much Marge - if she starts saying "Hurry up, mama" - you are in big trouble, girl!

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Jennifer said...

I like your pages! On of these days I would like to get something like this started.
Gabi is going to have her easter egg hunt Saturday. I hope she enjoys it as much as Grace did!