Friday, April 14, 2006

Glancing back...Moving forward

Ok I'm looking back a little this morning - it is 1:30 AM. I went to bed early & woke up refreshed after a couple of hours. Hmmmm- probably should be doing something productive - Phonetics, language samples, billing, laundry, tax stuff (I know, I know - it's the 14th) - all that other "should do/could do stuff".

Joined Weight Watchers this week. Time to get heart healthy. My 1st full day under my belt. Pretty good except for that lil Frescata sandwich from Wendy's that looked so fresh & tasty & healthy - a bit of ham, cheese on a ciabata looking bun. I think I was taken by the name - Blackforest Ham & Swiss... Sounds yummy,eh? Rule #1 - check out the points before you order it!!! 10 whopping points for good sandwich but not 10 points good. Yeow - good thing I had the points available but what a price. Better planning next time. Ok, friends, my journal is fair game. Keep me accountable; ask to see my WW journal. :o) Ask nicely please.

Looking through some photos sent by my Amberg neighbors - Heinz & Lisa - really like my adopted parents while in Germany. I'm posting a few of my favorites. I had the most beautiful rose bush in all the city right in front of my house. No modesty here, it was the loveliest by far. Lavender graced the base of the bush so the fragrance was soothing; nearly intoxicating to the passerby. My garden...Those who know me well, know that I asked God for 7 things in a home before I even went to Amberg including:
  1. garden or space to plant one
  2. good neighbors
  3. water view - lake, river, pond, whatever - just some water to look at
  4. lots of windows & sunlight
  5. the privacy of my own home but the security of being connected to another house
  6. access to good walking path/trail
  7. hard wood floors

Well, I got them all - minor exception, the floors only looked hardwood but was some kind of other flooring. I was happy! God gave me everything I asked for and then some. He's a good God & He gives good gifts to His children. I thank God every day for the home He's preparing for Grace & me. Not the HEAVENLY home, please...but our home while we serve here. Needless to say, I'm thanking God for some specific things in my next home. In the meantime, I'm sharing some of my favorite photos of life in Amberg, Germany. Enjoy~

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