Thursday, May 25, 2006

Grillin & Chillin

Hey these are my wonderful neighbors, soon to be known only as "Emily's mom & dad". We were wrapping up a yummy meal straight from the grill, enjoying the lovely river view from my deck. Oops - well, you can't exactly see the river in this shot, but it's right there. Gracie's demonstrating the proper way to eat a good piece of watermelon: feet up with hands & mouth fully engaged. Now if I could just get her to spit those seeds out just a bit farther...Oh, I live for summer & sunshine~ See ya & have a memorable Memorial Day weekend. Parades, tributes, food & fellowship are headed my way. Enjoy~


mfaizalzul said...

nice blog..

Anonymous said...

Hey, Carm!!! It's Melanie, your long lost roomie! It was fun to read all about you and Grace. She is beautiful!!! So cute!! Hope we can get the roomie reunion together--it has been too long. I have to make a confession--I have never ever even read another blog so this is new territory for me! I have got to get with it. Be in touch.

Uncle Tom from Poland said...

Hi Gracy!!!
I spoke to you an hour ago and you told me Hi Tom!!!
That was your first words I have ever heard from you.I felt treasured.
I hope to see you some day soon.
Take a good care of your great Mum.
God be with You