Friday, June 09, 2006

Ode to Uncle Randy

My Ode to Uncle Randy
I love my Uncle Randy
He's nice as he can be
He let's me climb up on his lap
and gives me yummy candy

Uncle Randy, he's a shopper
He has great taste in clothes
He keeps me dressed in all the best
Cute from head to toe

Oh how I love my Randy
nothing can compare
Except my love for Uncle Bob
but I have enough to share

This is no competition
But you might have an edge
Keep me close & hold me tight
Falling is a dread

Rocking horses, safety seats
So much to remember
Buckle up is a must
Or Mom's wrath you will encumber

With Emily, we all agree
You are quite a treasure
Giggles & glee
'specially for thee
My ode to Uncle Randy

With love,
Your Gracie


Emily said...

Very well written little ode, Carmen! It made both Randy and I smile big time!

BlogContino said...

The poem left me cold.