Monday, June 12, 2006

Memorial Day Memories to Share

Please allow this belated recount & photos of our Memorial Day celebration...

Longing for the color-filled windox boxes in Germany, Grace & I went with Nate/Steph to Woldhuisfarms Sunrise Greenhouse. Their motto "Growing quality plants to the glory of the Creator"
I was simply in AWE of the extent of their blooming enterprise. Anything you want or have dreamed about for a garden is there. Wow! In prep for this post, I found their handiwork is a purposeful reflection of the glory of God. Now that is worth sharing!

So, we loaded up with geraniums, petunias, lavender and herbs (grilling in mind) for planting later on. Afterwards, we went back to Steph's dad's house for some grilling & sprinkler fun for the Gracie girl. What a nice time which included some park play & the race/chase Gracie game she loves to play. She was in her element, running in a wide open space when she got close enough to see a neighboring backyard that had a HUGE waterslide play thing. As we sat & watched Grace run, we hoped she wouldn't see the fun those kids were having on their private waterslide. Well, she noticed & now - watch her run faster & with purpose. Nate finally caught her as she neared the kids. We could hear them yelling - "It's ok -she can come" which made Grace run even faster. Though we were worn out from chasing, Gracie's like the energizer bunny...She keeps going & going & going. :o)

Memorial Day itself brought a curbside view of the South Holland parade with LOTS of fire trucks, one lone tractor and NO horses; all of which are parade staples. We applaud our veterans as the primary reason we gathered; to ackowledge & salute their service for the USA.

Of course, Grace loved the candy raining down on her! But not as much as she loved playing in the pool later at Gramma Chris & Papa Jerry's house! We were not prepared for swimming but when you are a toddler, au naturel is the way to go when you exhaust your pull-up supply. :o) She still talks about the doggy jumping the pool, chasing the ball. That Pedro dog is something else!

Good fun, good fellowship & a heart felt thanks to those who served so we could be free! That's what it's all about~

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