Monday, June 12, 2006

Pink Princess Party

A little rain never stops a princess, especially when there's a party! We had the Swirly Twirly Birthday bash for Princess Grace on Saturday. What FUN!

We were tickled PINK to celebrate our 2nd birthday with some of our closest friends and family. Though not quite the park party we planned due to rain, we still had a grand time! Lots of ribbon, tulle, balloons, & yummy pink sweets! For those of you who saw Gracie with her 1st birthday cake, you might say she's quite refined now using a fork for the most part. Compare 1st & 2nd birthday cake shots. Pink icing makes GREAT lipstick!

Gracie has since been developing her skills at walking in her new fancy dress up shoes - all 6 pair! AND she got a too cute pair of real cowboy boots today from Auntie Margie in Texas! Cutie clothes & purses including a handcrafted leather purse made by another good Texas friend, Tony.

Tutu many fun & cutie things to mention here~ poodles, purses, puzzles, playdough, princess dresses, pretty pjs, playhouses, picnic & play-in-the-water essentials, pink books along with lots of other wonderful blessings!

From our giggling hearts~
Thank you, dankeschon, merci, gracias, 謝謝, dank u, grazie,
σας ευχαριστούμε, dziekuje & вы.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Gracie!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Princess Grace.

Just think only 363 more days til your next big bash, hope we are able to make it.

YAHOO, we're counting down.
Love you soooooooo much
Uncle Mark & Auntie Margie

Jennifer said...

Happy Belated Birthday Gracie! We hope to get you something in the mail soon. It looks like you had a great party!