Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Birthday Picnic

The Birthday Picnic
Grace & mom on our 1st day home from the hospital. My, my how we've grown

After some serious water play in the new water table & pool, Grace & I had a lovely picnic today enjoying Aunt Tracy's picnic blanket & gift set. We dined on chicken salad croissants, watermelon & gold fish crackers. For dessert, Gracie enjoyed the yummy Hello Kitty marshmellow sucker from Auntie Cathy & Uncle Dave. Of course you will notice Grace is sporting her charming 2 piece swim suit adored still from last season. We will "grow" into the more modest (prudish) surfer suit from UR, but for now we'll let her toddler tummy shine! :o)

Today, June 14th, is the actual BIRTHDAY - so we will indeed celebrate today with a visit to some water play facility though it isn't quite as warm as I would like. The girl will still have wayyyy too much fun! AND my friends, Nate & Steph are at the hospital as I type preparing for baby Emily's arrival. How cool is that?! The girls might share a birthday! FUN!

Ok folks, got a report to type & test to take before the party starts! Sunny day to you~


Anonymous said...

Loved to see the pictures, especially the baby picture. Wow! So awesome to watch them grow!-Mel

Josephine Tibbs said...

Lila passed your blog to me. I am so glad that she did. Your little one is adorable!! It has been too long!
Jo Tibbs

cltgrace said...

Jo - it has been tooo long! Email me