Saturday, September 15, 2007

30 Days of Prayer - Saudi Arabia

30-Days of Prayer for the Muslim World Ramadan 2007 / 1428: September 13 - October 12

Results of Prayer in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

For Saturday, 15 September, Ramadan 2007. "Loving Muslims Through Prayer"

Christians have been praying for Saudi Arabia for years and as a result, some openness has resulted. For example, in October 2005, King and Prime Minister Abdullah, in his first TV appearance, publicly stated “people are free to practice their faith in the privacy of their homes”.

Saudi Arabia does define itself as the “upholder of Islam”. As such, the foreign policy of Saudi Arabia is very much based on Islamic mission (Da’wa). This is partly because of the Islamic concept of non-separation between religion and state, and partly due to the kingdoms own desire to spread Islam around the world.

On the one hand we have some cracks in the armor of Saudi Arabia itself, but on the other hand there is a huge work continuing outside Saudi’s borders to not just promote Islam, but to “see the West converted to Islam and integrated into the global Umma (all Muslims in the world viewed as one community)”.

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Prayer requests:

  • Pray for the capital city of Riyadh. Although not all of Riyadh's 4.5 million inhabitants actually pray five times per day, a high percentage are regular in their prayers. May they all have an increased hunger to know the living God and to be in real communication with Him (Jeremiah 31:34 and John 17:3).
  • A significant number of foreign Christians also live in Riyadh. Many of them are servants and workers, often from Asian backgrounds. Pray that they will be able to be witnesses for Christ like Joseph and Daniel who served in countries far from their homes (Genesis 39-41 and Daniel 1-2).
  • Many Muslims are particularly sensitive to dreams. Pray for revelations of the risen Messiah.
+ Google Map Link: Riyahd, Saudi Arabia

--- of interest ---
"Libya and Nigeria announced Tuesday, 11 Sept. that the moon had been sighted and the fast would start Wednesday. Clerics of most other Arab nations, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria, said that the new moon had not been sighted Tuesday night and so Thursday 13. Sept. was the first day of Ramadan."

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