Friday, September 14, 2007

30 Days of Prayer - Lebanon

30-Days of Prayer for the Muslim World                     Ramadan 2007 / 1428:  September 13 - October 12

How Young Men Prepare for Prayer

    in Beirut, Lebanon

For Friday, 14 September, Ramadan 2007. "Loving Muslims Through Prayer"

Outside, the muezzin finishes his call to prayer over the loud speaker. Instead of going to the mosque, a young man decides to pray at home. But first he does the ritual cleansing. In his cramped bathroom he begins by declaring his intention to cleanse himself and pray by saying "Bismillah" (In the name of God). He then washes his hands up to the wrists, three times. He rinses out his mouth with water three times and cleans his nostrils by sniffing water into them, three times. He proceeds to wash his whole face three times with both hands from the top of his forehead to the bottom of his chin and from ear to ear. Finally he washes his arms three times up to the elbow and ends by washing his ears and both feet.

Then the young man remembers the previous night. He was near the bars of Gemmayzeh, an eastern Beirut "Christian" neighbourhood. So many pretty young women were there. The young Muslim had really desired to enter a bar himself, however he had no money. His anger rose a he thought of the conflict with Israel and conflicts with Christians. No job, little money. No peace.

Then he unrolled his prayer rug.

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Prayer requests:

  • Beirut's Muslims cleanse themselves outwardly for prayer but many find that injustices, hurts, and temptations fill their minds. Finding real peace with God could liberate them to forgive and love others. May they discover the God who truly forgives and cleanses (Mt 18:23-35, Romans 5:1-5).

  • Pray that the Church in Lebanon will be "salt and light" in the city, and that God would be glorified in all that is said and done. There are high numbers of non-practising "cultural" Christians among the Lebanese (Mt. 5:14-16; Romans 12:1-2).

  • God has his own purposes and plans for Israel, yet for Lebanon's Muslims (and often Christians) it is very hard to understand how to love or appreciate Israel. May the God who loves both Arabs and Jews through the cross be fully revealed (Ephesians 3:6).

Beirut has 1.5 million people (perhaps 50% Muslim)

Google Map Link: Beirut, Lebanon

+ YouTube Link: 3:35, beautiful city Beirut

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