Saturday, September 22, 2007

Happy Birthday to me~

gracie play & kitty cats 062

It's going to be a good day...I can feel it. :o) No clue what's up except that surprises are in store. Too many people that should not have remembered by birthday have said something & folks who should have remembered my birthday have said NOTHING. Hmmmm....We'll see. I have a sitter for the entire day & evening along with a request by the best friend to dress business casual with comfy shoes.


Flourish Bakery Cafe~

Maybe there's a Flourish cake waiting somewhere with my name on it...YUM! Regarding the traditional birthday call marathon...let's see who'll be first. Who will wake me up this morning? I should really go to bed so I can be ready for the 5:30-6:00 AM call.

Birthday kisses to everyone~ was a GREAT day at the beach yesterday with Gracie, Em & Stephanie. The weather was perfect as was the lake...barely any waves. No pics. Schade, was Em's first time at the beach. I'm putting in a special prayer reqest for an Indian summer. Who's in agreement with me on this one??


Tomek said...

Hey Carmen!!!

I do not have a cake, I do not have a birthday card for You, I did not make up any great wishes but I do have something. I believe it will make you smile and bring back your best memories.
Happy Happy Happy Birthday Carmen!!!

Jennifer, Gabe and Gabi said...

Happy birtday!

Karen Mester said...

Happy Milestone Birthday, Carmen! Hope you had a great day!