Thursday, September 13, 2007

30 Days of Prayer - Preparation

Understanding Islam ...

Preparation for "Loving Muslims Through Prayer".

During his life, Mohammed met many people who called themselves Christians, though it is debatable how many of them were really in the faith. Mohammed also learned many aspects of Jewish religious customs from the various Jewish clans which were living in the region. Eventually he became the political and religious leader of Medina, a city north of Mecca which had a significant Jewish population. Mohammed’s prophethood was not accepted by the Jews of Medina leading to serious conflict. Jewish and Christian ideas, concepts and history are very present in the Qur’an though they are often distorted.

We have put concise overviews of the world of Islam on our website. Some of the following may be helpful to you:

Islamic beliefs :
- One God, the Creator of all things
- Angels and evil spirits
- Prophets  (Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus, Mohammed)
- Mohammed was the last and greatest of the prophets.
- Holy books (Injil, Zabur, Qur’an)
- The Day of Judgement
- The Bible has been corrupted and modified.

- Jesus was conceived miraculously  in the womb of Mary.
- Jesus is only a prophet.
- Jesus was actually a good Muslim.
- Jesus taught an earlier form of Islam.
- Jesus did not die on the cross.
- Jesus went to heaven.
- Jesus will come again, marry, have children and die.
- Jesus will be judged like all men at the  Last Judgement.

Muslims do not believe :

- That  it is possible to know God as in John 17:3. (They only think that they can know about Him).
- God is a Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
- Jesus is the Son of God.
- That Jesus is the world’s true Lord.

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