Tuesday, August 29, 2006


It's Monday~ I feel stuck - in a rut today - not everyday but today, this morning. Exploring my "rut" situation, I flip my little page a day calendar & read:

God knows what He's about. If He has you sidelined, out of the action for a while, He knows what He's doing. You just stay faithful-- stay flexible--stay available--stay humble.

Growing Strong in the Seasons of LIfe, p. 531
Commit they way unto the Lord; trust also in Him; and He shall bring it to pass. Psalm 37:5 KJV

I guess I'm not so stuck afterall or at least not permanently. :o) I've mulled this flexible message over many times past. I'm reminded of such when I see a Willow tree with its bendy branches; needfully... gracefully yielding to the adversive pressure yet without breaking. The photograph above was taken not even a block from my lil village home in Amberg Germany.
So I'm on working on being flexible...available...humble. Yes~

We've showered, had breakfast & lunch is on & now finished by the time I'm posting this entry. We've played dressup nearly all day with few puzzles scattered in the mix- she's still in her princess dress; the girl that dresses in her best to cook. "Would ya like tea and samich maybe?" she asks, clasping her lil hands together, eyes twinkling. She's delighted to serve. I hope & pray that is a lifelong delight & attitude: delighted to serve :o)

She still has angel dust (glitter) in her freshly washed curls from our CLC famly picnic. She got her face & arm painted- covered with pink & purple flowers by Dotsie T.Clown. What fun! We took princess cookies with lots of pink frosting & sprinkles; always better shared. :o)

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Jen said...

Good post. Grace looks kind of like Natalie in that picture. Think so? Sometimes she reminds me of her. ;-)

Stacy Rauls said...

She is such a DOLL! We are so BLESSED!