Thursday, August 10, 2006

Oh, the places we will go~

This is really cool! Map out where you've been - either by state or country. Wow! I must dust off my traveling shoes & find some comfy go-shoes for Grace. The world is indeed waiting~
create your own visited countries map
check out these Google Hacks.

Hey~ speaking of a waiting world...I saw a picture today of a new orphanage CLC is sponsoring in Guatemala. AWESOME! I feel a family missions trip coming in the next couple of years. Guatemala was my first official missions trip & what a beautiful place! Might as well get some stamps in that girl's passport! Actually, this orphanage -I'll share details when I have more or remember more - it's almost 3 AM...but, the idea behind this is an outreach & missions trip/work that CLC families can dive into! So exciting...that passion portion of my heart is ready. I really believe Grace's feet will go even further as she takes the gospel in a practical method to her world. Hmmm...this is feeling a bit prophetic. Someone already shared a dream of a harvest hearted Grace that confirmed in my spirit that she would be a missionary. Can't wait to see what God has in mind....

Speaking of going... we went to Brookfield Zoo with our friend, Lisa, this weekend. Had a great time for sure sure. Not too hot & no crowd. Used the library pass, so free admission. Found a coupon for free parking & complimentary carousel ride! Can't beat that deal!
Gracie got some new froggy slippers from Amy & Michaela. This in light of her delightful caterpillar & frog story she loves to tell lately. If you haven't heard it, be sure to ask Grace. She'll be happy to share & show you about watching that caterpillar walk, walk, walk & that frog went "slipt" & ate that caterpillar right up! FYI....that's the translation...just in case you don't catch it all. :o) Ok - it's bedtime for sure~ Night all


Tomek Glinka said...

Hey There!!!
Hi Carmen I havenot been on your blog for a while. There has been lots of updates. I can see you wanna make John Goddard's dream come true. Go for it. I am with You. Was great to see future Mr. president of Poland on your blog.
Talk to you in september while I am in London.
Kisses to You and Grace ***

Anonymous said...

Hi Carmen,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I didn't realize who you were until I came by and took a look at your blog. You take great pictures, and your little girl is adorable. Kids grow so quick, don't they? I think the last time I went to Brookfield Zoo, Jennifer was 3 years old. My son Paul has never been there. Well, take care, and I hope to hear from you more in the future.


Carol Connell (writeathome.wordpress)

Jen said...

Gracie is so cute! Thanks for coming to my blog. I'll be back to yours soon!!