Thursday, August 17, 2006

Life is too short; eat dessert first!

Hey there - I know, it's the middle of the day but 1/2 my clients cancelled & I'm supposed to be using this time to write always. On my way back home, I stopped to buy some fruit at Walts - good old Walts food store. While I was waiting to have my garlic & peaches weighed, a grandma came up with her Brach's candy - you know the "serve yourself" Brachs. I was reminded of my mom. She loved Brachs nutgoodies. With that fond memory, I bought some. I don't particulary love nut goodies, but it made me feel somehow connected to my mom. The smell is what brings back those memories - the sweet maple-y aroma of those caramel colored candies. So on the way home I was thinking about other things that make me feel close or connected to mom. Here's the start of my list:
 singing to my Gracie
 song "Jesus Loves Me" – see previous post
 homemade ice cream
 tops that tie on the shoulder
 cooking to share
 sweet iced tea
 toaster strudels – she lived on those the past 5 years
 chicken & dumplins
 Everybody Loves Raymond (except Russ)
 peach & blackberry cobblers
 chocolate chip cookies
 grilling out - especially barbecue ribs
 nut goodies
 smell of honeysuckle
 cherries
 inboard/outboard motor boats & water skiing
 water play – be it lake, beach, pond or pool
 crabapple trees
 rosebushes – growing flowers
 Dollywood
 Celine Dion & Shania Twain
 Avon
 Skin So Soft
 the words "Fantastic" & "Wonderful" gleefully exclaimed while clapping your hands together
 loving on Gracie
 pretty fingernailes – painting Gracie's nails
 homemade cinnamon rolls
 the Twist – dance
 Reader's Digest
 Thrift stores
 Yard sales
 Princess Diana
 old hymns like Old Rugged Cross, Leaning on the Everlasting Arms
 getting Gracie's pictures professionally taken
 the horses back home
 back home....
 Christmas
~picking strawberries or blackberries
~getting my hair brushed
~cookie exchanges
My sister added:
*Texas Fudge Cake
*Fudge with nuts(w/o nuts for the youngest)
*homemade biscuits and gravy
*mashed potatoe soup*homemade jelly and jam (strawberry)
I forgot...we must add her chocolate rolls & chocolate gravy~ YUM!

Ok - this is a start & I may add to this from time to time. If you knew my mom, feel free to add in the comments section. :o)

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Tracy said...

*Texas Fudge Cake
*Fudge with nuts(w/o nuts for the youngest)
*homemade biscuits and gravy
*mashed potatoe soup
*homemade jelly and jam (strawberry)