Monday, August 07, 2006

Tons of Fun

Still catching up....Grace had a great time at Papa's house petting the kitties, riding the horses & the 4 wheeler. She loves to sit up on the tractor & drive, drive, drive. She learned that you must keep your hand open to feed the horse, hold the mane while you're riding the horse & sweet feed is only for horses. :o)
We had a yummy visit with Papa George & Grandma Robin! We love the haircut & hope/praying you both are feeling LOTS better!

Going to Missouri is always a nice time to visit treasured friends. We swam with Kelly (praying your smiling again soon) & Kaeley; played dress up & ate lots of snacks with Macy & Lexi; toted puppies around at our cousin's birthday party; laughed at Aunt Jean's house but did NOT play the crabby cat who lives there; got lots of hugs & treats at cousin Bobby/Angie's house; went to church with cousin Kelly and finally, played ourselves silly at Aunt Tracy's house with Haddon & Merideth!

Whew...that's a ton of fun!

Tip for the day: to remove crayon swirls from the wall, heat with hair dryer & wipe off with all purpose cleaner. Yep - some summer fun is not play at all. :o)

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BlogContino said...

Gracie already looks like a natural behind the wheel. I predict she'll be driving like a pro by 4th grade. :)