Saturday, August 05, 2006

Summertime fun & catching up!

This is our neighbor's flower garden. We took over some cookies for Doris & Tim, chased their kitties around & then Gracie & Doris picked some flowers. Wish I could say they graced our home for several days, but Gracie was so excited she shook them limp running around the yard chasing more kitties.

On a bittersweet note, our Nate & Stephanie friends have moved to the city -just 20 minutes away, but those day to day interactions, romps in the sprinkler, shared grilling, last minute baby sitting breaks & fashion consulting will be sorely missed. Nate is priming for a position with the Chicago Fire Department, thus they must live in Chicago. Congratulations! AND in case I haven't mentioned it, baby Emily is finally here...too cute for sure!

Summer classes are over & I am breathing before the Fall term starts in a couple of weeks. A's in both classes & I learn a bunch as well. No Nazi professors in this last bunch. Thank God!
After our RR 'O6, we spent some time with the Speaks family in Robertsville, MO. I had my Saturn detailed in order to survive the Mr Speaks' scutiny. And sure enough, if I hadn't run over their dog - literally, ran right over the top of her with my car, not the tires...the Saturn would have looked pretty good. I can't believe it! I've hidden my dog fear so Grace wouldn't be afraid & now look what happens! The dog was fine - a bit of oil in her fur from my car, but that Westie was FINE! But don't you know Mr. Speaks gave a praise report in front of the entire Cedar Grove Methodist church that morning because the Westie survived being run over "Thanks be to God!" I went to church with them that morning, but was out with Grace during the testimony service. Can you imagine how I felt after the service? Folks stared HOLES right through me! I had to serve myself the snack in the after church social time. The humiliation!! We are indeed thankful the dog is ok, but now everyone in the Speaks' circle knows my name & is watching for my sparkling Saturn.

Once the dog trauma subsided, Grace & I enjoyed the pool with Amy & Michaela. We really had a great time...very relaxing. Of course, we got out of the pool before the bats swooped in for their nightly sip of delicious chlorinated beverage. :o)
Amy's such a delightful hostess & Michaela is a treasure, particulary for playing with my Gracie & keeping her entertained while I caught up with my 1st non-monster roomate from SEMO University. What a time we had...
Thanks Amy, Mike & Michaela. It was a great time - always a great time! I sure am sorry about Trixie....I wonder if you are still talking about it. At least it takes the heat off of Amy for running over Mike. :o) We love you! PS - thanks for mailing that report for me!


steph & nate said...

We miss being your neighbor

Anonymous said...

The Westie forgives you but we still talk about it. We enjoyed your visit and hope to see you soon. Be sure to let us know when you are coming so we can get the dog inside. Just kidding. Amy