Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Nick update

Thanks sooooooooooo much for praying..for joining your faith to mine in reaching heaven. Super thanks to Wilma who called me to see where I was this weekend. Nice to be missed~~

Ok...Update~ surgery went very well & hopefully, this well relieve some of the pain he's been experiencing. Dr's believe his lack of responsiveness is due to this extreme pain...they were able to uncrimp a nerve caught in the broken bone mess. this should restore movement capabilities in his lower extremities when this pelvic girdle & hip heal.

There was indication yesterday of some brain damage beyond their original report...I believe the report of the Lord that says there is no damage or damage is reversed!

Ok...more late as I get reports. Super thanks to Tracy for being there, praying words of life over Nicki-praying God's word right back to Him. You rock, Sis!!

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Carol said...

Glad to hear Nick is doing better. I will continue to pray for him.