Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hmmmmm. Well, let's see about an update. My battery has been dead twice this week...cold weather maybe? Thank God for my neighbor who got out of the nice warm bed twice to help me outside in the biting cold. I was determined to get a new battery today until the preschool called to say Gracie is sick...pick her up.

Get the sweet but lethargic girl & swing through McDonalds to get her a Sprite...that's what my mom gave us with an upset tuumy. Does that really work? I guess I'll find out. Anyway, so while I'm talking to the magager about this coupon being an "After School Snack" coupon and there is nothing that say I have to wait until after Halloween to use it...I am also wiping up Gracie as she is doing the sick thing again. the Sprite, go down the block to Walmart. While we were waiting just to see how long a battery installation would take, Gracie gets sick AGAIN (X5) in her carseat. Guess we will just go on home without a battery. Doesn't look like I'm going anywhere tomorrow anyway.

Some days are like that, huh? God is good despite the small bumps in our path and even in the magnamimous events that wipe us off the map...He just holds us tighter. I'm thankful~

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Anonymous said...

Poor Gracie . . . Poor Mommy

I pray she is feeling better by now.

The only thing I know about Sprite/7UP is that it is good if you can let the fizz settle out on the counter. Sort of let it get flat and warm tasting to help the tummy settle.

Well, maybe that "FYI" may help next time. (May there never be a next time!) I have an old can of 7UP in the back of my cans of soup for tummy aches.

Auntie Kristin