Friday, October 05, 2007

The Face of Grace

Delighted with her new pipe cleaner glasses made at the "playplace", Gracie wore them to preschool then next day. Her teachers & classmates were so wowed by the cool specs, the entire class made them. They even made a pair for the class pumpkin...he's hiding in there somewhere.

How fun! Grace was so proud of herself..."That was my idea, Mom." Kudos to those teachers for capturing a "teachable" moment and incorporating the kids interests into their day!

The forecast today is for a balmy 89 degrees...The beach bag is packed (always) and includes my study materials for an exam on Monday. After we pick up our swim buddy, we are beach bound. We might do a bit of apple picking on the way....we'll see. That seems rather Fall-ish and did I say the temp was near 90 degrees??

Bis spater~~ and speaking of Deutsch (bis spater=until later)

Gracie had her 1st day of German Kindergarten last week. It's one day a week, just a couple of hours but total immersion in Deutsch. Yeah! Come to find out, mom speaks enough German to help out in the classroom. Thus, I'm learning as well. This is GREAT!

Have a good one~ Gotta get the girl ready to play today. Hey...are you praying for a harvest amoung Muslims? Thanks so much for joining your's with mine....Until the whole world knows

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