Sunday, September 02, 2012

Giggling Gifts in Girly Packages

Gracie is hosting a sleepover with three of her bestie friends who just happen to be sisters. What a gift. What a blessing. I love that Grace has the opportunity to rub shoulders with these delightful kids. All different, they blend well and yet, sharpen one another. This is gift 24. Sweet girl friends for my Gracie.

Which reminds me, last time they were here, I overheard Grace tell them this: You know, we could stay friends for always and every year get together like, you know, a Roomie Reunion and then our kids could be friends, too.

Gift 25 has been a delightful find of a friend for me in their mother - kindred spirits with hearts rooted in love for missions and the wanderlust spirit of Abraham. Why am I surprised? She is a God friend, indeed.

Roomie Reunion 2012
Carriage House at 
Cornerstone Farm


26. Forever friends with hearts knit together by time, laughter, and even tears. Friends who love like family.  I'm thankful.  Every day I'm thankful.

27.  Summer breezes blowing my cares away and drying my sheets on the line. =)

28. A place of rest...He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul. He makes me whole and satisfies the deepest longing. He calms my deepest fears.

29. Babbling and bubbling water, washing clean my mind and calming my soul.

30. He loves us. Oh, how He loves us. Singing until this thought saturates my soul and drives the shallow echoes of any other voice from my mind.

31.  Oasis - worship, healing, and fellowship; most recently Italian Cream cake and Key Lime pie...wait, there's fellowship, worship, and healing. Cake and pie just make it all the sweeter.

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Val Wix said...

Thankful to counted as one of your gifts! Love you!