Friday, September 07, 2012

Eat, Greet, and Growing Up

I enjoyed lunch with Grace today at the school "Eat and Greet".  Nice, checked table covers and all. We chit-chatted about her day so far.  She's so tickled in her new place and I love making new friends who intuitively know my name, "Gracie's mom".  My heart melted when she squeezed me tight before she joined her classmates in line. She might be a blossoming third grader, but she's still tender enough hug this thankful mom; still little enough to adore these glitzy high heel shoes. Perhaps the latter is more likely an indication she is growing up.  Growing up too fast...too fast. Slow down, princess.  I need you little still.
37. sparkly shoes in brilliant colors and time to enjoy her visions of growing up
38. freedom and flexibility to enjoy lunch with Grace at school
39. hugs and squeezes unashamed


laughing abi said...

My oldest daughter turns 13 in a couple days. My youngest is Gracie's age. I constantly find myself comparing the two and trying to figure out how much longer I have before the little one starts pulling away, becoming her own self instead of my baby. Parenting is so bittersweet. Sigh.

Jennifer Connell said...

She is beautiful and is getting so big!