Sunday, June 05, 2011

Birthday Month

Gracie is turning 7 soon. A special request was made by the girl herself to take her bestest friends to Key Lime Cove to celebrate her birthday. We scored a deeply discounted stay at the resort; and I do use that term loosely, but that's another post. So, making some calls or sending some texts rather, we invited C & E, along with A. Whooo, C &E were THRILLED beyond belief. We found a weekend that worked for us. A was unable to join us, but I saved that sad piece of info for the very last moment. In doing so, Grace was already in the midst of bliss with her other two besties to fret much. Good call, Mom.

The car ride up to Key Lime Cove was NOISY to say the least. Who knew happiness, joy, & giggles could get to deafening levels so quickly? ACK! None was so happy to arrive at the resort (again, loose interpretation of the word). Those girls were splish splashing & slip slidin within the hour. I did a bit of birthday decorating when Gracie wasn't looking & viola - it's a birthday party!

The girls swam the evening away, as well as the next day! Whoo hoo! To celebrate the birthday, we dove head first into a gargantuan sundae called the kitchen sink sundae with elaborate toppings and spectacular mini fireworks - all served in a small kitchen sink! It was amazing & sooo much ice cream, we didn't even make a dent! It was indeed fun trying. =)

On the ride home, I asked the girls what there favorite part of the weekend was. Each replied, "Being funny together." True. True. I've never heard so many knock knock jokes before in my entire life. However, the joke that garnered the most giggles was this one: Hey, what's that under there? Under where? HA! I made you say "underwear"!!! Hilarious, even the 100th time. =)

Ready to ride!

Birthday Girl Surprise
Gearing up for a good day
Say you're surprised
Kitchen Sink Sundae
So hungry they could eat a kitchen sink!

Birthday glow

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