Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Celebrating Seven

Jazzy joins the birthday fun...like she has a choice. =)
We celebrated Gracie's 7th birthday a few days ago at Monee Reservoir with a fishing theme. It was simple, outside, and loads of fun. Despite the little mist for a bit, some of us played the day away until 5 pm. What's the rush? The kids are playing today - good clean fun, so to speak. We did take dirty kids home, but they washed up nicely. =) 

Seven years old came too quickly, but here we are. They grow so fast. Now I understand that line. They grow so fast. I treasure the moments and the memories.  I'm proud of who Grace is and who she is becoming. She is kind, clever, adventurous, daring, and brave (except after watching Scooby Doo).  She is fun, friendly, confident, creative, compassionate, and conscientiousness. I love that Gracie Cakes. I love that she loves to sing, dance, snuggle, travel, explore, create, be outside, make up songs, write books, draw pictures, make new friends, include others, tell jokes, tries to trick me (every day is April Fools Day) & worship God.  She is such a treasure. She is my treasure. 

Seven came too quickly. She tells me now I can't call her "Babele" - I got that cutie name from my friend, Nae. In my mind, it is short for Baby Love. I have a song that goes with it nicely, but that's over now she said. Can't call her that or sing the song. She's too big. I hope she forgets she said that. I hope she changes her mind. =) In the meantime, I have a plethora of other names I call her with permission and love songs I can sing. 

Here are a few fun pics of the birthday fun.  

Gracie snags a lily pad
Gracie and friends

Gracie finally gets her gun...did I mention she has a good memory? She's wanted this pink gun/holster since she was 3 years old. 

wet sponge relay - the teams race to see who can transfer the most water using big sponges
cooperating - I love it!

sizing up the lake & preparing to fish

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