Saturday, June 18, 2011

Birthday Month Continued: Strawberry Fields Forever

Luscious strawberry goodness! You just can't beat this. Yum!
June packs so many birthdays. Feels like we celebrate the entire month. This week, we took the party to the strawberry patch to celebrate Em's birthday. What a great idea for a party. I'm all about exposing kids to new experiences & this certainly provided that opportunity for most of Em's party girls. The strawberries were so plenteous; plants heavy laden with fruit. Picking was easy. AND talk about tasty! This fruit is good & will be yummy in some strawberry jam. Just have to make time in all the party going to make it. Oh, yes. We are headed to B's 3rd birthday party today! What a month!! Happy Birthday, girls! 

My Strawberry Shortcake. Now that's what I call sweet. =)

Fresh Strawberry Pie

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valwix said...

Yum!!!! We need a strawberry patch around here. There used to be several but they've all gone out of business.