Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Big Steps & Perma Kiss

The castle that started it all~
Go Carts~ FUN!

My smiley girl


Awwwww...relaxing afte a long play FULL day

Well, I'm Grace free until Saturday after driving to St Louis & back today. I've talked to her twice since leaving & my sister 4 times. Hmmmm...I wonder who's having a hard time? She was so sweet last night as we pre-packed the car. She pulled my face close to hers & kissed me at least 100 times. "Now these are for when you miss me."

Closing in on the Big Bridge over the Mississippi, Gracie knew we were getting close. "Mom, if you miss me, just go lay down on my bed & think of me. You can sleep with one of my animals if you want." Giggling under my breath at the drama in her voice, "And I have all those kisses you gave me last night," I replied. "Actually, no you washed them all off in the shower this morning. But let me sing you a song so you will remember me." Sung to the tune of Where Are You Christmas?

I love you, Mommy, always remember. God loves you and me and we will always be together. He will keep us safe.

I could hear her voice break a bit & sure enough, tears were just about to spill onto her chubby cheeks. Moved by her tenderness, I held her hand for a bit before she pondered possible contention with her cousin, Haddon. Very thoughtfully, she decided they must get along; even if she had to give up the blue piece & take the red one. She likes red just the same. :o) Then she reminded me how he pushed her into the pool when she was little. I can't believe this girl's memory. I think she was 2 years old. Anyway...she would not let that happen again because now she can just swim.
Regarding Haddon, who is 5 1/2, we had this exchange last night:

So, mom, will Haddon be 8 before me?
Yes, Grace. Haddon will turn 8 before you. His birthday comes before yours.
Ohhhhhhh (as in drat!) Well, I wanted to be buddies.
You can be buddies. You will always be buddies.
No 'cause he's just going off to college (with a little rolling of the eyes)
I love that girl. Have a feeling it's going to be a long weekend without her~ I'll try to manage. :o)


Dutchnic said...

I hope it's turning out not too badly for you! Have fun at music weekend!

Girly Muse said...

oh so sweet...

i hope you enjoy your weekend and get completely recharged for your little love. :)

Fruitful Vine2 said...

She is so pretty. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

pressonponderings said...

Hello Carmin...yes, I went to IBC from 91-93. And I DO remember you...picture me several, several pounds lighter...NO gray hair and I'll pop right back into your head! You once told me that little bugs were able to crawl inside of bananas and I wasn't ablt to eat them for about a year!LOL...thanks for stopping by my blog! Good to get in contact with you...Grace's dimples are simply perfect!

Carol Connell said...

That Gracie girl is so sweet. I would have been reduced to a puddle of tears to have been kissed 100 times by my daughter and to have her tell me to lay on her bed and think of her when I miss her. Very precious!

Anonymous said...

As I'm looking at these pictures, I'm thinking to myself, "Poor deprived Gracie gets to do so very little!" NOTTTTTT! What is there that Gracie HASN'T DONE? Hi Carmen! It's been too long. I finally made a point to come visit your blog. Thoughts & Prayers! Big h'lo to Gracie!

Tommy Joe