Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Time, Summer Time

Whoo hooo! No pain today! To go from such extreme pain yesterday to NO pain today - whoa, I think that's a God thing. I'm thankful! If you prayed, if you said an encouraging word or wished me well - THANKS!

Today is a free obligations, nothing pressing. I've got some reporting to do - piece of no-pressure cake. Speaking of cake...I've got a hankering for a key lime pie. I make a mean one - a weight watcher worthy recipe that I'd love to find & make again. Yummmmmm....

We might visit a new water park/playground that recently opened (June 09) not too far from us. It's FREE this summer. A really nice way to promote your new facility. Grace went this past Sunday with some friends. I was a bit sceptical when the BFF invited Grace .
"Yep and it's even FREE. Well, you have to have your swimming
suit on under your clothes. You just show them like this (lifts her shirt a bit)
and then they let you in without even paying."
Ok...right. We'll have to check in with your parents and I'll let you know. Sure 'nough - she was correct. Free this summer - just have to be in your swim suit when you arrive. Great day for Grace & some nice study time for mama. So thinking it might be nice to visit today & check it out for myself. Let me find my shades & suit. :ol

Study time...yes, had a big exam yesterday in my audiology class. Oh, yeah...knocked it out of the park. I needed to make up for some lost point from that horrendous 1st exam. :o)

This past weekend, my friend Steph came over for a sleepover. We packed a yummy picnic lunch with BBQ ribs from the grill, homemade potato salad (my mom would be proud), grilled garlic bread & the ultimate epitome of summer dessert - well, I don't know the official name but it has pears, lime laced cream cheese & whipping cream. SCRUMPTIOUS! Packed up the cooler, beach bag, sand toys & headed to the beach.

Gracie made a new friend. Nice~

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tomek GLINKA said...

Hey Carmen, where is that new water park? You know I love water. I must've been fish in the past. All the best for Gracie and her new friend. And all the best for your studies.