Sunday, July 19, 2009

Getting in Position

After two nights of blissful sleep earlier in the week, I've been a bit restless at night the last couple days. Up at 2 AM for at least a couple of hours. Had to resort to a little help from some non-addictive sleep aid for one of those nights. Whatever works, eh? Those couple nights of 8 hours were heavenly. Maybe I'll have another angelic slumber tonight....I'm prayerful.

One benefit of my wakeful state in the early AM is hearing Gracie laugh in her sleep; talk a bit & well, you just never know what you'll hear out that girl. When she was two months, she started laughing in her sleep. Too delightful to keep to myself, I told my quilting friends about it. Sure, sure...she's laughing; it's GAS!! One afternoon we had a daylong stint of restoring antique German wedding baskets. Deep in our work, sleeping Grace, 2 months old, started giggling & no more doubting this mama. She still laughs, giggles & sometimes cries in her sleep.

So one night this week, Grace called out for me to come lay by her & sing her a lullaby. I lay down & started my crooning, "Wait! Wait!", she cried, wiggling her bucket close to me:"I have to get into position." Sweet moment indeed!

This weekend was full, yet relaxing. We had little Emily over on Friday to play while new mom Stephanie got a good nap in with the preschooler occupied. So nice Steph decided to take me up on my dinner offer. The company was quite nice. Two weekends in a row of entertaining! I've missed it~

We contemplated Kiddieland on Saturday, but with a forecast of rain we opted for the movie. UP was a blast! We laughed ourselves silly & then some. That UP is a must buy movie for sure!

Afterward we headed to Target for some necessity shopping. Gracie spotted a castle & fountain across the parking lot. Gee...did we have to discover Hollywood Park today? :o) We ended up playing a grand round of putt-putt & Gracie climbed the rock wall. She pleaded for the go-carts, but I was ure that was an Uncle Bob activity. However, we staked out a place at one of the turns & every single person that flew by in those go-carts was either grinning from ear to ear or laughing outloud. Knowing that such laughter is very good for the mind, body & soul - we HAD to take our turn on the motorized speedy cars. It was truly fun, fun, FUN! Grace was a bit sad she couldn't drive, but still enjoyed the ride. :o)

Pictures to post another time~ Guten Nacht, meine Fruendin~

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Dutchnic said...

Glad to hear you had a good week-end. I hope you had a good night's sleep as well! Are those bruises clearing up yet?