Monday, August 10, 2009


Ever do something silly (AKA: stupid). Ever do that same thing again? Like we didn't learn our lesson the 1st time around. This sure had me laughing...if only it didn't hurt so much. :o) Here's to catching on the 1st time & keeping outselves out of hostile territory:
Speaking of ouch; Gracie is visiting Auntie Margie in Texas right now. It's amazing how much "noise" (joy) one girl can make. I miss her. Yes, the house is very quiet & I should be studying. Instead, I've watered the plants, exterminated umpteen spiders (all the bad kind), cleaned out the fridge & brought my boxes in for moving. I'm half tempted to pack a little. Where to start? Where to start? If only I didn't have my final exam on WEDNESDAY - that's right, the day after TOMORROW! I just needed a bit of humor to get me going...well, after I bake these blackberry cobblets. Is that even a word?? If not, it should be. Happy day to you & yours, while I'm missing my little Marshmellow Sweetie Pie.


Jennifer Connell said...

Hehe..that video is too funny! Hey if you're going to Europe anytime soon let me know, I have the biggest traveling bug. lol I even made another post about it!

tomek GLINKA said...

Hey there,
It is friday today so you are after your exam. How was it?
Now your can do packing not thinking of studying at all:)
i believe Gracie gives lots of humor and love to the house but when she is out you can see how much you love her even more.
Hugs to you both:D

Randy Beal said...

Too fonny, gotta love Charlie! Hopefully that helped w/ missing G5race. Finally I'm back reading ur blog.