Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thank you

I'm chuckling about this photo. It popped up when I subscribed to some parent blog thing. It's too funny! Just wanted to say THANK YOU for reading Grace FULL Days - be it your 1st visit, coming here by happenstance or if you are a regular reader.

THANK YOU for praying for the harvest these past few days - couple of weeks, as we focus on loving Muslims through prayer. Reaching the harvest is the heartbeat of Christ - it was the only prayer request Christ made "Pray that the Lord of the harvest would send for laborers into the field".

It's a season - always a season - of ministering to those around you; in your home - in your neighborhood. Yet, there is call I can't deny to be in a foreign neighborhood reaching the harvest where there is no voice. Just typing that brings up the accusing voice of the enemy reminding me of my chance...that I so aptly blew in my frailty. Yes, but - God does not repent His calling - He doesn't change His mind just because we fell down. We just get back up & make it right. Just like Jen can't get away from Africa - she's called & thus, her heart is planted there. You can't be apart from your heart without a longing from deep within calling for your return. "I thought it was gone." No, it's just a season.

After a full day of CLC on Sunday - my first rotation of three services, Grace & I came home to rest. Rest - that was my plan. Good old fashioned nap. Though with the flooding crises on our regular route home, curiosity got the best of us & we immediately checked out the river status behind our little cozy cottage. As I mentioned in yesterday's post, the water was quite high.

There is a rotting stump - now just 5-6 feet from the water. The stump, in it's decay, is falling apart. I just helped it a bit - throwing pieces of stump into the now close river to carry it away. In doing so, I found some rooting flower bulbs I threw in there at the end of spring. The bulbs bloomed & the flowers faded, so I tossed them into this decaying stump.

What I thought was used, spent, dead & worthless is now putting out roots with the promise of life. Grace & I planted those babies along with about a 20 more "dead" bulbs that were dried & withered in the box inside. I'm telling you, we were so excited about planting those dry, dusty bulbs. They sure felt lifeless, but when I broke them up, there was life still inside - just waiting to be planted. I have a hopeful anticipation of flowers blooming there in the spring. Wow! Never had that before in this spot of ground. Why? I haven't sown seed there in the past.

Those who sow have an expectancy for the harvest. Follow me - this reminded me of the prayer through Ramadan. Comments are historically few & far between through this month of posts. However, when you sow into the harvest - sow seeds of prayer, there is a budding expectancy of what God will do with your seed. You many never know until to stand before Him.

Thank you for praying for the harvest -at home & abroad. We can go or we can send or we can pray. Until I can go, I'll send & I'll pray. How about you?


Dutchnic said...

Lovely metaphore!

Rebecca said...

Hi! Thanks for coming by my blog!

What a beautiful post! How many times have I looked at a person or situation and thought, "There's no hope there!" But God is so amazing and so faithful! He can bring life and fruitfulness from even the darkest and most hopeless situation!

Blessings to you and your family!