Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Back to School & Circus Time

The 1st day of a new school year was met with courage, confidence & big smiles. I had to chase the girl down just to kiss her bye-bye today. She's growing up!

After school, we enjoyed our 1st experience at the CIRCUS! Mind you, it was over 90 degrees OUTSIDE the tent. Whew!! Despite the heat, we had a great time with Circus 1st time Emily & her mom (AKA: Stephanie). See below for Gracie's bestest part. Emily's favorite part: donuts

Cooling off with snowcones

Star power

Twirly girl

Gracie cheesin it up with Em & Steph

And then there were elephants - fuzzy elephants. The camera just wasn't working tonight :o(

Afterward, we snagged McDonald's; retreating to Grandma Marcia's house to dine & enjoy the bestest ice cream in the world with a menagerie of sprinkles. AND then there's Merf the dog. Gracie & Em had a great idea to draw kid-shy Merf out of his shell. Mastermind Grace suggested they sit on the couch with their french fries. They would hold one out for Merf to smell and pet him when he came to eat it. :o) Great plan except Merf can't eat people food. Too bad.

Last night's dreams: tons of kitties & puppies
Gracie's best of the day: seeing the horses at the circus
Mommy's best: Gracie's shining smile in the window when I came to pick her up
Gracie's worst: none today, though I know she really wanted one of those $10 balloons
Mommy's worst: none today - well, if I had one, it might have been the heat in the circus tent

Gracie's Prayer: Thank you God that you protect Papi from having a crash and keep him safe. Thank you that any of us never have a crash and always keep us safe.

**Thanks to Nae & Olivia for sharing this treasured bedtime routine with us - we've made it part of our own nighty night parade

Tonight's story: Town Mouse and Country Mouse

Worth sharing: pictures from Gracie neighbor play with Alex & Becky
Three Amigos

Cheer up!

Hood ornaments :o) Reading is FUNdamental!

I have a couple Smileboxes in the works. Just can't get in the Smilebox mode these days. Neursoscience starts tonight. Sigh. God help me. Good news! GSU is taking my Ed Foundations course from SEMO. Whoo hooo! Looks like I'm graduating at the end of the winter trimester. Oh yeah! Applying to grad school that March. Walking in favor - yes, I am!

Good night!


Randy Beal said...

That made me smile throughout. Gracie's growing up. Sounds like a good time, except the 90 degree weather, ugh!

Dutchnic said...

I was about to say there's light at the end of the college tunnel when I read the sentence about grad school. Lots of Dutch respect here for the way you handle college, Gracie and still find the time to give her a life full of outings.
Is she in kindergarten now? Is it full day or half day?

Carol Connell said...

Gracie is adorable. Looks like a fun time was had at the circus!