Monday, September 15, 2008

Early birthday fun

Delightful weekend, though quite soggy. The river is up as high as I've ever seen it - thankfully, we have a good 10 feet swelling room remaining. Praying it recedes quickly. I have to plan an alternate route to Gracie's preschool as well as to my clients because of the flooding. Thank God for real time traffic conditions!

Back to the delightful part...I was exploring a visit the Wizard of Oz fest in Indiana this weekend, putting that out there as a possbility for our UB hang out day. Breakfast with the Munchkins & a birthday party for Dorothy. Sounded like fun - from an Oz-loving-ruby-shoe-wearing-Gracie- girl point of view. That researching reminded me of my fun birthday trip to see Wicked last year! That was an Oz size celebration! I've wanted to take Grace since she became enamored with the vintage classic last October. You know, it's always shown in October. I peeked in a the Broadway in Chicago site & ticket prices, thinkin I might take her down soon with hopes of winning a couple of the front row seats they give away each performance.

That was Thursday thinking...round comes Friday & what does Bob suggest as an alternative to the Wizard of Oz festival?? Going to see WICKED! Oh, yeah - great idea & let's take Gracie!

It was a wonderful performance! Gracie did super & she loved it! She said yesterday evening as we were cleaning up the yard, "Mom, Glinda wasn't good all the time. Sometimes she was mean. Elphaba was really the good girl." She got it! Happy Birthday!


Dutchnic said...

That's so cool!

Fruitful Vine said...

Sorry for staying away so long. I pray that the waters recede quickly. Stay safe.