Saturday, September 27, 2008

Show Me FUN!

Behind the times still, but here are pics from last weekend at home in Missouri. Nothing really went as planned but it was all good. Got in late at Tracy's, then up the next morning headed to Springfield MO with 4 yr old Haddon in tow. Grace & Haddon were great listeners & got along so well. Happy! Happy, but with many MANY potty stops. :o) We enjoyed a delightful visit with my Grandma/Aunt Jean & cousins, Bob & Angie. Too short for sure as we headed back to St Louis for the Great Forest Park Balloon Race. Arrived at Turtle Park just in time to see great race. Wish I could take credit for these pics. They are from the race website from last year. We stayed/played at Turtle Park where the view was good but not great for photos. Maybe next year.

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