Friday, March 21, 2008

Thank you

Hey thanks to all of you who voted for our Gracie Cakes story at Vicks Caring Tributes. My entry won 2nd prize!


Ms. Daoust said...

Which one took first place?

Fiona said...

Yay thats fantastic work!!!
You should be very proud that yoru daughter is so lovely and caring. My son once said to me when he heard that there was a really large lotto winning about to go off. He said he would give the money to those who looked after laides who had breast cancer (we had recently had a friend in her 40's who had breast cancer) and the other money can go to those who look after the premature babies just like Airlie (his sister was born at 27 weeks)
I was so proud that at his age (5) he would think such a thing when most other kids would be thinking about toys and such.
Hope your okay I read your other posts and you seemed down. I don't live near my family either they are at least 7 hours + away from us and it has been that way for the last 6 years. Sometimes I hate it and wished we were closer but other times I don't mind at all. Look deep within and you will find all that you need.

take care

Dutchnic said...

That's great! What was the prize?