Monday, March 24, 2008

God Rocks

We had a delightful weekend, despite another car accident. Think fender bender minus the fender...well, there is a bungee holding up what's left. :o) Praise God for His protection. No additional damage that wasn't already under orders to repair from previous crash. Car will be good as new in a couple of weeks. Yeah!

Giggled our way through Horton Hears a Who with Uncle Bob and retreated back to his pad for Easter surprises and a bit of Tylenol for my nose-lash. :o)

Wonderful worship & celebration of Easter at CLC. Joined friends Nate & Steph for more spring fun with egg hunts, games & a delicious meal. More Easter blessings & sweet gifts for the Gracie girl that had me weeping. Giving thanks for those loving deposits into my Gracie girl. God places the lonely in families...He's just like that.

Out of the mouth of babes:
Grace gleefully opened a colored egg to find a bracelet (the wrist kind) that said, "God Rocks" to which she matter of factly replied "That's odd."


Kristen M. said...

Thanks for entering my book giveaway. I have another giveaway starting today for a dvd of Miss Patty Cake's Egg-Strava-Ganza.

I took my kids see the Horton movie yesterday. We all thought it was cute.

Rebecca said...

Horton Hears a Hoo is so cute. My little ones loved it.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing yours with my readers.
Your blog is nicely laid out and very inspirational.


Dutchnic said...

Do Americans exchange gifts at Easter too?
Cute remark by Grace, by the way..

Anonymous said...

Glad you all (you, Gracie, & my Bobby) were OK. Glad you had a good Easter. We did too in our "corner of the world." GOD BLESS! Thoughts & Prayers, Tommy