Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Supporting language development

One of the best parts of my job is supporting parents as they help their child reach their development potential. With every new family, I remind them they are the expert on their child. No therapist performs "magic" in one hour or even two hours per week we spend with a child. Rather, our greatest job is put tools & strategies in hand to help their child in the countless non-therapy hours.

I've got a delightful little crew of kids at present. Little A is working to increase her expressive language. Our last visit I suggested mom find a couple of fun songs to incorporate into the daily routine. My favorite is Hokey Pokey to use with getting dressed. Thus, at least two times a day to sing the song, incoporating some fun actions. Many more opportunities are presented if you're diapering or working on toileting with all the up & down of pants & so forth. So, working on body parts & building that expressive language with fun, simple repetitive lines. A's mom told me today she's using the Hokey Pokey & her daughter is singing sounds along with the melody & trying to repeat some of the words. Yeahhhhh! Works like a charm. It's still a favorite of Miss Grace. That's what it's all about!

AND the voting is going well! Thanks to so many of you who've registered & supported us in the Vicks caring tributes as a finalist! I'll share my cough drops or vapor rub if I win! :o)

It smelled like Spring today & we saw cardinals in the trees this weekend! That's a good sign~ Happy sunny day!


Fiona & said...

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What fantastic work you are doing. I bet all the families LOVE to come to you because its such a treat when you get a great health care professional that has real family based care and works with the family. I personally have only really ever had to deal with those who have been family care focused and the few times when I haven't I become my child's advocate and try to have a better working relationship with the health professional because its just best for all involved.

I would love to invite you become a health blogger on or if you don't have the time and don't mind I would love to add any of your thoughts to my blog and give parents positive thoughts when it comes to those things you deal with at work. Just the simple comment you made about choosing a number of songs I know could benefit a Mum I spoke to on the weekend who was concerned her son wasn't talking enough at almost 2 years of age.
Let me know what you think. I will always add your blog details to the post so they know where it has came from if you wish me to.

Take care

Fiona said...

Hi again! this is fun thanks for drawing my attention to not having a section for you to add your blog to. I am always trying to find ways to make the site better one of those I have been considering was putting heath professionals under the one banner but then again it would be good to know how many of each health professional actually comes to the site and posts too... so I am still thinking about that one.
Anyway all fixed up now you have your very own section to post in YAY Thanks I am so excited to hear about what you have to say. Do you do physio exercises? Tell us what you day includes and what your job entails.
Very excited now.

Take care

Rachel said...

Thanks for visiting! I LOVE this idea and plan to begin using the Hokey Pokey more in my preschool classroom.

Debby said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I am glad that people are finding me and giving me feedback. We speak English and Italian and my older two learn German in School. They don't like it, but it was the best of the choices. Ich sprech nicht Deutch. That is all I can say, my husband is fluent (of course) so many people assume I know it too. Your site is inspirational and beautiful! My sister lives in Oak Park, Illinois. She is my best friend and I love to visit her. So you live near my favorite vacation spot!

Tami said...

Ah, the hokey pokey .. a favorite song of all kids. It's nice to hear that it also helps with speech development in addition to being a fun activity song. :-)

Thanks for visiting my blog. Cheers!