Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Kitchen Cutie

apple pie

We had a great weekend up with dear friends in Milwaukee celebrating two birthdays. Gracie enjoyed herself silly at the Hawaiian luau.  I'll get some pics up here soon. AND we brought home some bounty from our other Grandma's house...home grown apples that are absolutely GORGEOUS!  So tonight we stayed home & baked an apple pie. Our first together...Gracie adores helping me cook and aside from her master taste tester job, she also cut up the butter, rolled pie crust, spread the apples in the crust, sprinkled spices, dumped cranberries and sweetened it all up with a good bit of sugar.  I know...what do I do except peel the apples?? Not much!  Anyway...I just love creating memories with her & I get such a thrill out of her excitement in the kitchen. She'd choose cooking with mom over most anything...maybe not a popsickle...possible, as she calls them. :o)

Anyway...the pies's about ready to come out of the oven. Here's to a yummy treat made by sweet hands. :o) the way, we have our preschool orientation tomorrow where she meets her teachers, finds her cubby and other assorted activities to aid the transition to school.  Her 1st day is next Tuesday...she's so stinkin excited (that's Sarah speak), but I'm on the edge of weepiness at the thought of it all. Time has gone by too fast... Any advice from you who've lived this day of hellos & goodbyes??

PS...that's not my pie...thanks much to Google images

EDIT:  Now THAT was tasty!


Randy Beal said...

Awww Carmen, I'm sure its tough to see your baby going to school. Apple pie sure sounds good to me. How about some butter pecan ice cream, Yum!

Jennifer, Gabe and Gabi said...

Gabi loves preschool. To see her happy and enjoying herself makes me happy too! I am sure you will enjoy seeing her happy face and hearing stories when she comes home. Find something to do for yourself while she is in school. Gabe and I have starting walking at the park. Hope this helps....

Carol said...


Apple pie sounds so good right now. Yours may not have looked as nice as the Google pie, but I'm sure it tasted good with the help of such a competent kitchen helper as Gracie. A few years ago, my mother-in-law gave me a recipe for a sour cream apple pie that is the bomb! I like to make it around Thanksgiving, but I have a taste for it now with all this reading about apple pie!