Thursday, August 09, 2007

2007 Southern Tour: Part 2 Kentucky Friends

Leaving Santa Claus, Grace & I made our way down to the Cumberland Mountains, Barbourville KY, to visit Jen & Gabi.

Jen & I were colleauges by chance & friends by choice during my term in Germany. Our babies were born just two months apart, so Jen & I grew together in more ways than just out. :o) Gracie loves to hear me tell how she kicked Gabi's behind when she was a "teeny tiny baby" in my belly. I hung out with Jen alot, especially after Gabi was born, to practice my baby skills & help out where I could. We were both a long way from home. I remember resting sweet Gabi on my 8-9 month pregnant belly. It was like someone announced "Let the kicking begin" as Grace pushed back on the pressure little Gabi was putting on my belly/baby. It is still as funny to me today as it was then. Gracie and Gabi both get a "kick" out of the story. :o)

Grace & Gabi had quite the time polishing their nails, riding bikes, swimming, dancing, tumbling & playing dress up! It was like they were old best friends or something. :o) They were 1st friends, but now much more interactive than just cooing, reaching for & rolling around each other. :o)
Here's a picture of us the day before we left Germany.

We tried our hand at flying a can see from the girls' expressions just how thrilled they were. It was a hot day with little wind. Jen helped us all be successful in our kite flying debut.

Princess play

We were priviledged to join the Anderson's at church on Sunday. Talk about instant in season, Jen had me lined up to sing for Sunday service. Thankfully, I had a couple soundtracks in the car. Gotta love Nicole C. Mullen~

For some time now, I'd harbored wishes to return to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg. Mom, Tracy & I enjoyed ourselves there a number of years ago. I was really looking forward to enjoying treasure memories & making some new ones with my Gracie girl. I mentioned to Jen I would probably make a stop in Gatlinburg on my way further south to Atlanta. Jen's connections net free passes to Dollywood! Whoo hooo! Thanks, Jen, for helping make this dream a reality. :o) Even better than was a day shared with treasured friends!
Dolls in Dollywood

The "spray"ground


Randy Beal said...

Gracie is so darn cute!

Jennifer, Gabe and Gabi said...

Love them! They turned out great! When you get a chance can you send them to me?