Tuesday, August 07, 2007

2007 Southern Tour: Part 1, RR 2007

We are back from our southern tour...had a great time at each stop. I wish I had time to thoroughly narrate but time eludes me...I guess it's catching up on the laundry, cleaning & work I left behind for a couple of weeks. And then of course, there still so much summer to enjoy...who has time to post much? So here's the picture story a little bit at a time~

Roommate Reunion '07: Santa Claus, Indiana

The roomies & kids come together again for our annual reunion, this time heading south (it's always south for me) to Santa Claus, Indiana...yes, an entire community dedicated to the love of Christmas and Santa Claus. We camped at Lake Rudolf in this huge RV with the boys pitching a tent in our spacious "yard". We opted to skip Holiday World amusement park and just hang out together since our time was short. We enjoyed lots of pool play, the park, mini golfing, and paddleboats (umm...not sure who really enjoyed that part...it was so dog gone HOT under those mandatory life vests).

Of course, we reminiced and giggled over our college roomie antics. We cooked up some of our most delectable roomie dishes and tried some new ones as well. Thanks, Jules, for those yummy creamy tacos. I'll try it myself sans the sweetened condensed milk. :o) My big goof was forgetting the paddle to the ice cream maker. I had to rig one up using a spatula but the strawberry ice cream turned out delicious. We used frozen strawberries Gracie & I picked a few weeks back.

It's always a good time getting together with these girls. We've walked together through thick & thin; witnessed the best & worst of each other. Here's to friends for life~

santa claus IN santa bunny Can you see Grace on that huge Santa statue? She is nose to nose with a bunny peeking out of Santa's bag.

golfing off group Gracie's 1st mini golfing experience - stand clear folks.

my little putter safety girl Paddle boats on the lake

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Randy Beal said...

Sounds like you girls had a good time, so far. I'll be waiting to read about the rest of the trip. When you are free you should come over and hang.